To the editor:

On two separate dates we had a smattering of protestors converge on our state capitol demanding that our governor curtail her efforts to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus. I have seen videos of these protestors and they are disturbing, to say the least. Some might compare these protests to a recipe for a half-baked fruitcake chock-full of fruits and nuts. Some would describe these protests as a circus freak show minus the carnival barker who was tied up watching TV and tweeting back in Washington, D.C.

Who showed up in these videos? Well, we had the anti-vaxxers demanding that their children not be required to get immunized before attending school. Then we had the bone heads that thought it was cute to drive around and around the capitol square honking their horns continually like some 2 year olds lacking their nap. We had the government hating Tea Party dead enders screaming their slogans referring to the governor as a Chinese communist. Then we had the government conspiracy paranoids claiming that any vaccine developed for COVID-19 will have microchips infused in them so that the government can keep track of us. Then we had the guys posing on the capitol steps with assault rifles sending a message to anyone watching that they could end up shooting in the name of liberty if warranted. This dovetails with the folks calling for a civil war to end our oppressive government standing only a few feet away.

So most civilized people would find this atmosphere repulsive and dangerous. For sure it is bizarre and disturbing. But do you know what is even more disturbing? We have two candidates running for office that have no problem with this circus.

On multiple occasions Pat Proctor has goaded his fellow citizens to attend these protest events on his Facebook page. Imagine that. One could end up posing with Pat Proctor at the circus on video for eternity. Speaking of videos, Kevin Braun has made it to the big circus tent hall of fame with his cameo appearance discussing the pros and cons of the upcoming civil war in the name of vanquishing our oppressive government. Braun’s role was epic with his newfound protest friends as they conversed unmasked nearly cheek to cheek by social distancing standards. Obviously Braun was in his element as he brainstormed with his fellow protestors.

Let me finish by thanking those who took screenshots of Proctor’s Facebook page as well as those in possession of the protest videos. They speak volumes about the character and judgment of Braun and Proctor. The obvious question is, who in their right mind would ever consider voting for these candidates to represent our values in Topeka?