To the editor:

I listen, read and watch reports in reference to the virus. Persons argue that it is their right to come and go as they please. They are in their own world.

A lot of these people declare it is their personal right. Have they fought, got wounded or have a loved one die for them? If they have, then go ahead make your day yet remember you could be a Typhoid Mary to someone or a group of people.

This attitude reminds me of a state governor some time ago who condemned gay people over and over again. Later in that year one of his children declared that they were gay. It was not a day later that he changed his attitude to gay people and vocalized support for them.

I believe some of these righteous people will change their attitude when someone they love comes down with the virus due to someone’s selfish attitude. Words like “sorry” will not mean anything because they chose themselves over the people in their family, neighborhood and country.

The government has lacked the leadership to get this problem under control. The quick answer to recovering both medically and economically is testing.

We can develop a reliable, free test. Then we can open businesses and get the economy to slowly return to the new normal. We waited too long and had a shotgun approach to the problem. A leader who is worth their salt would rely on medical doctors for the procedures to get us back to the new normal.

We can develop a vaccine but not overnight. It is a long procedure to ensure its safety. The Salk vaccine took years. Beginning in 1948, it took until 1957 to get it safely out in the public. Then later, researcher Albert Sabin developed an oral vaccine. We could cut that time in half because of the knowledge base and equipment we have.

Are there any quick answers? No, but if you follow the procedures set forth by the CDC – social distancing, washing your hands – until a reliable vaccine is developed, we can suffer together and conquer this dreaded disease.