Barbara Bollier is running as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate. Bollier was a Republican who then switched parties in 2018 because the GOP no longer offered a moral compass that she could follow.

The last Democrat to represent Kansas in the U.S. Senate was George McGill and who served from 1930 until 1939. That was 80 years ago, and that is ridiculous. Isn't it about time that a Democrat served in the Senate from the great state of Kansas?

Bollier should be given the chance to represent all Kansans, not just the few, and she has the qualifications to do so. Rep. Robert Marshall is struggling in the polls against extremist Kris Kobach. But even if Marshall should somehow prevail, do we really want someone who is willing to misuse a drug like hydroxchloroquine just because he wants to impress President Trump?

Kansans should vote for Democrat this November. It is long overdue, and we need a senator who believes in morality and decency in politics.

Michal Betz, Wichita