As a child, I would always love to look at the sports section of the paper during the weekend and Monday. Seeing the different stories and previews in sports was intriguing to me. Now I get to take that intrigue and apply it to a career.

Hello Leavenworth, my name is Luke Peterson, the new sports editor. I recently graduated from college and am starting my career here.

As I get to know people in the community, they will soon learn that I enjoy talking about sports. A lot.

I originally come from Omaha, Nebraska. Like many Nebraskans, I have an obsession with football. I cheer for the Cornhuskers on Saturdays and the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, so down here I am the odd one out, but I am proud of my allegiance to the teams.

Since I love to talk about sports, I felt like going to school for journalism would be a good choice. So I attended Northwest Missouri State University and got my degree in multimedia journalism.

The biggest goal I have as the sports editor here is local coverage. Being from Omaha, I was always bummed when my brother’s high school did not get featured as much as other schools in the metro. I want to do my best to avoid that. I want to rotate between the different schools and sports in the area to give everyone as equal a chance to be in the paper as possible.

There is only one of me though, so I will need the help of the community. Any and all submitted sports news will be beneficial to achieve my goal. Everything might not be a 25-inch feature story, but I will find a place for it in the paper, on our website or on social media. The more stuff I can get, the more local coverage the paper can include. Photos, recaps of games and schedules all will help. The more local coverage we have, the better the section will be in my opinion. I look forward to covering the sports in the area.

Luke Peterson is the sports editor of the Leavenworth Times. Contact him at