With the calendar shifting to June, summer is here. School is out and the weather is finally warmer, maybe too warm. 

For the University of Saint Mary Spires students, it may mean a journey back home to work or relax. For the football team, this means it is time to prep as they get one step closer to returning to the gridiron.

Head coach Jay Osborne is entering his fifth season as the Spires’ head coach and according to him, a key to success will be returning starters like quarterback Drew Cortez 

“It is all about returners,” Osborne said. “Which is more important for the New England Patriots? The new signee or Tom Brady? Obviously, Tom Brady is the most important key to their success.”

Osborne continually mentions the key players as the guys from the first full recruiting class. Many of them are now entering their senior year.

Like Brady’s importance to the Patriots, the Spires’ quarterback will be the player Osborne relies on as an important member of the upcoming season.

“We have a four-year quarterback as the guy to focus on,” Osborne said. “If he goes, so will we.”

On top of the success of the key veterans, another area of success for the Spires is service.

The football team has volunteered countless hours under Osborne’s tenure.

The strong service comes as a result of the respect Osborne has for the community as a whole.

Although he is not from the area originally, Osborne prides himself in spending most of his adult life in the Leavenworth area thanks to the support he and the team has given. 

“It’s more than just about them,” Osborne said. “We have a great community we can support and even do more with. It is something we focus on. We want the community to think well of us.”