Prentes Potts is the new basketball coach at Leavenworth High School. In this Q5, he talks about the importance of the offseason as the Pioneers prepare for their first season under Potts.


1. How have the adjustments been for you to Leavenworth so far?

So far it has been really easy.

I thought it going to be a little harder for me just because of the situation I was leaving and how I did things over there.

As I came over here, I found that things are already in place the way they need to be ran.

So for me, it is easy.

It is more just starting those relationships with the kids and trying to get them to trust me and buy into the system and the things we want to do new as a team and staff.


2. What are your plans for the basketball program this summer? 

So summers are crucial.

In Kansas, you can only work with the kids so many days. So the month of June is really big.

We actually played in the MidAmerica Nazarene camp last weekend. Did pretty well and won five games.

We beat Olathe North and that was a team in the Sunflower League that Leavenworth formerly played in. 

Took 12 guys to see them gel and it was big for us.

Going forward, we will try to do the Northwest Missouri State and K-State camps and several little scrimmage games we have set up with other high schools. 

It will bring in four or five teams and we all will scrimmage for two to three hours. 

We also will send some of our juniors and seniors to individual camps such as Wichita State and Missouri.


3. This season will be the first for Leavenworth in the new  United Kansas Conference. What are your thoughts on the new conference?

I am familiar with a lot of the teams. 

I think the only team I have not faced in the past is De Soto. I’ve seen these other teams at previous schools so I am familiar with the programs. 

I think this is a great thing for the community. 

It is a competition that they haven’t had or seen in a while, but these teams are right off K7 so I feel like it will be great to have us all in a league competing with each other. 

And it will be great for nights with road games so we can get down and back. 

I’m excited.


4. What are your goals for yourself and the team this season?

My personal goals never change.

I want to try to be the highest seed on the east side. I want to go as far in sub-state as we can.

I also want one of those top four seeds so we can host sub-state games. I want to win the league and 20 games if possible.

It will never change.

I feel like as long as you have your kids prepared, it shouldn’t change.

That’s why we do as much as we do in June. We try to take advantage of as much time as we can when we have time with the kids.

I am interested to see what the players come up with as goals.

We will allow them to make team goals and I will share my goals. Ultimately, it is what they put into it is what we will get out of it.


5. Who are some of your favorites in basketball? Favorite coach? Player? Also, who is better, Jordan or LeBron?

I am a big Duke fan. I am a big Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski) fan. I love and admire the way he runs his program.

I think of all the coaches, he has been able to adapt how the game has evolved.

I think the last championship he used stuff from coaching at the Olympics.

For the NBA, I am more of a player fan and that player would have to be LeBron.

LeBron better than Jordan? I can’t say that because Jordan is the Mecca of basketball. He’s kind of like the messiah. He went to The Finals six times and won all six times.

Realistically, you cannot argue the two because the competition was different.

Ifeel like there is a lot more talent in the league now, but I think the teams back then were not so saturated with talent.

And then now, you have teams that don’t even make the cut. I don’t remember any team in the ‘90s where they were just so bad that they couldn’t compete.

This time of age, the teams have players all under 25 so it is a matter of time like the Philadelphia situation. Like the look at the Lakers, give them two or three years, especially if they add a Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, or whatever, that Lakers team is exactly like how Boston did their thing this year. They jumped the process a little sooner but excellent coach and talent can lead to winning some games.