With the Leavenworth Pioneers joining a new conference, athletic director James Vanek felt like it was time for the gym floor to receive an update.

Around the end of this last May, work began to put in a new gym floor at Leavenworth High School. 

After years just repolishing the old floor, the brand new one was put in. Vanek estimates that it has been between 15 and 20 years since it was last replaced.

To welcome in the new floor, Vanek had players from the volleyball and basketball teams come in and “score the first points” on the floor. Volleyball coach Cassie Rockers and five of her players, Jessie Sachen, Faith Wright, Michaela McBride, Kelcey Hund, and Grace Miller played a quick volleyball game on the new court as Vanek “officiated”. During the volleyball game on one side of the court, Mckenzie Brown, Micquasha Riddle, and Alyche Brown of the girls’ basketball team and Michael Saucer of the boys’ team shot the basketball for the first points. While there is still a while before the first official games on the new floor, the first action on the floor has come after lots of planning.

The process began over a year ago between Vanek and other administrators. The research was done and eventually settled on Lankford Enterprises to do the floor. 

Work began after the school year on June 11. The process closed the main gym for over a month, which caused the coaches to figure out ways to balance the space for summer workouts in the other gym. 

The new gym features a bigger logo at mid-court of the interlocking “LV” logo. It may not be as big as the Jayhawk at KU basketball games, but it is a significant size increase over the previous. The logo also features black, white, and blue compared to just white and blue. The “Sunflower League” script has been replaced with Pioneers and a darker stain of wood is inside the three-point line The “Pioneers” inside the free throw lane was also removed. 

Along with the new floor, work was done on the overall gym during the spring semester. Sound panels were removed to allow more noise to bounce off the walls, which Vanek hopes it will give the Pioneers an advantage, the banners and flag have all been repositioned to give a more uniform look. The red brick pillars were also painted blue. Vanek asked to see what one of the pillars looked like with the paint and loved it so he had them all done.

The new changes to the gym are some of the many things that Pioneers athletics and fans will see this upcoming year. With new coaches and a new conference as well, the Pioneers will have a lot to look forward to.

More photos from the event can be found here.