Pleasant Ridge volleyball coach Joy Ewert said this year’s team was one of best the school has seen in a long time. Prior to the team’s match at sub-state, Ewert said the successful season came from the excellent play of Julie Miller, Haley Forge, Madison Ewert, Hanna Forge and Lindsey Heim. 

Ewert was asked to describe the season.

“The hardest working team that was determined to be successful,” Ewert said. 

The coach said she will remember just how hard the team worked at each practice. She mentioned they were a team with their own style and work ethic. They always stayed positive.

Ewert was then asked to name the most valuable player, but couldn’t name just one.

“I cannot name an MVP for our team,” Ewert said, “because we are a team. Team means that everyone was just as important as the other player. It all starts with Bailey Ko or Kelsey Theis making that pass to our setter. Then it was Hanna Forge or Lindsey Heim’s job to get that ball to our hitters. Then it was Madison Ewert, Julie Miller, Haley Forge, Felicity Worsham, Emma Schwinn, Ellie Seller or Abbie Magee’s job to make the kill.”

Ewert also said she wouldn’t change anything about the season. She talked about how well the team worked together. She said the team played hard even if it meant players in positions they did not usually play. 

Next season will be different for the Rams with the departing seniors.

“Next season is going to look somewhat different,” Ewert said. “We will need to fill key positions like a strong side hitter and a middle hitter/blocker. We won’t have Julie Miller in the middle who was a definite game changer with her blocking, so we will have to work harder at getting touches. I feel that will be our weakest part of the game next season. I still think we have strong hitters with Haley Forge, who was second in kills this season, Emma Schwinn and Kelsey Theis that have varsity experience along with Hanna Forge as our setter. Bailey Ko will again be digging balls and passing for us in the backcourt. I am excited to get back to practice for the upcoming season. These girls make it so much fun to be in the gym working every day.”