The Lansing Lions boy’s soccer team entered the 2018 season with two new coaches and a new conference. Although it did not go how they wanted, head coach Ashley Wilcox said the team went out and gave it their all in a winless season.

“I feel that these boys always went out there and gave it their all,” Wilcox said. “We felt the need to step back and focus more on fundamentals with the boys to help build up their own confidence before we could build that team confidence and focus on the tactical portion.”

The Lions ended their season in the play-in game against Basehor-Linwood on Oct. 22 in a 4-0 loss to the Bobcats. Wilcox said it was the best game the team played all season. 

“The best match the boys played was definitely their regional game against Basehor,” Wilcox said. “They were able to build and connect and create numerous scoring opportunities.”

The game against Basehor-Linwood also marked the final game for the six seniors for the Lions. The seniors were Cody Burleson, Ryan Dedeke, Chandler Scarcelli, Adam Pfannenstiel, Robert Schafer and Spencer Copeland. 

“The seniors worked very hard and dug through a tough season even though it wasn't how they exactly planned on having it go,” Wilcox said. “Cody Burleson received honorable mention in our conference.”

Along with Burleson, Logan Hope and Kyle Boian received honorable mention for the United Kansas Conference.

Boian was also the team MVP in Wilcox’s eyes. 

“The MVP would be Kyle Boian,” Wilcox said. “He is a sophomore and this was his first year here at Lansing. He started and played full games as our left back. He was instrumental to our defense and truly has the knowledge and desire to play. He made multiple goal-line saves that kept us in games longer and he never gave up.”

The player that Wilcox felt improved the most during the season was freshman Nolan Wolf.

“(Wolf) is a freshman who stepped up to play keeper for the JV team,” Wilcox said. “And with determination and drive was our backup keeper for varsity. He improved much over the course of the season and will continue to improve as he keeps playing.”

Wilcox said the team will have young players that will help in the future.

“As we build on future seasons we hope to continue seeing the drive and desire to play that comes from those boys in order to build a more cohesive unit in the coming seasons…There are multiple freshmen, sophomore and junior players that can truly help build this team up in the next couple of years given the chance to build together as a unit.”