Wednesday was another record-setting night in the ninth week of adult men’s basketball recreation league.

In the first game, M&M Specialty Services defeated Buckets 101-95 in overtime. Josh Robinson led M&M Specialty Services with 39 points. Kenneth Banks had 24, Quinton McQuillan scored 15 and Zach Freeman had 14. Robinson’s 39 points ties him for ninth in the all-time individual single-game scoring record. Jeb Greenberg still holds the record with 58 points in a 2016 game.

Duke Ezeamii led Buckets with 31. Kasey Johnston had 24. Brad Heim and Marc McGrory each had 20.

M&M Speciality Services improved to 2-4. Buckets fell to 5-2.

In the second game, Kansas Elite improved to 4-2 in their 103-80 win over Leavenworth Legends. The Legends fell to 1-5.

Jeremie Seymore scored 41 points to lead Kansas Elite. It was his second 41-point game this season. Seymore is tied for fourth in the single-game scoring record. He also entered the career 3-pointers list with 32. Harry Burton had 23, Curtis Brown scored 18 and Elijah Bean had 13. Da’Jaun Sweet led Leavenworth Legends with 35. Carl Roberson scored 20 and Karlos Campbell had 11.

Anytime Fitness #1 defeated the Skyhookers 60-57 in the third game of the night. Anytime Fitness #1 improved to 6-1. Skyhookers fell to 0-6.

Braden Wilson led Anytime Fitness #1 with 19. Matt Warner scored 11. Dontae Gibson and L.T. Lee each had 10. Gibson jumped into the top 30 in career 3-pointers with 34. Trent Peter led Skyhookers with 20. Adam Patterson scored 19. Ellison Edmonds of Skyhookers entered the top 30 in all-time scoring with 265 career points.

Seymore is now the season scoring leader with 155. Heim remains the 3-pointer leader with 28.

Action continues next Wednesday with Buckets and Leavenworth Legends facing off at 6:30 p.m. Anytime Fitness #2 and M&M Speciality Services will play at 7:30 and Zeck Ford will take on Kansas Elite at 8:30 p.m.