The Leavenworth Pioneers and Lansing Lions renewed their rivalry Friday night on the soccer pitch at Leavenworth High School.

The soccer game came the same night Leavenworth and Lansing battled in baseball and track at Lansing’s home as well. Pioneers head coach Greg Ruff said it was a great crowd to support the team with all the other events the two schools were competing in. The Pioneers defeated the Lions 5-1 for the first victory for Leavenworth in girls’ soccer against Lansing. Leavenworth and Lansing remained scoreless for much of the first half before Kaylee Shaw scored with 8:45 remaining in the first half. Sydney Howell added another and the Pioneers entered halftime up 2-0.

Leavenworth scored a quick goal in the second half as Alexis Roan gave Leavenworth a 3-0 lead a little over two minutes into the second half. Lansing would answer when Emily Whisenhunt put the Lions on the board with 30:34 remaining. Shaw added her second goal of the night to increase the lead to 4-1 with 27:45 remaining and Alexis Cole added the final goal of the game with under eight minutes to play. The Pioneers held on and won 5-1. Despite the loss, Lions head coach Ashley Wilcox said it was the best that the team has played all year so far.

“Tonight’s game was definitely a battle for us,” Wilcox said. “We’re kind of regrouping our team because we’ve had some injuries that have brought us down a little bit. But I think this was actually our best game of the season so far.”

The coach said continuing to practice hard and getting the team mentality back will help use the Friday game as a springboard moving forward. Ruff said the Pioneers are back on the positive side with another win.

“It’s positive,” Ruff said. “Back on the winning track at 3-3. Lansing came out and played their hearts out. This is always a great game. They gave everything. But we kept chipping away and doing what we do.”

Ruff said the team needs to work on getting better in the midfield and getting more scores on shots. He said the team had 25 shots on goal. Ruff also pointed out that he wished Brooke Collins could have played but the freshman was out due to injury.