The Leavenworth Pioneers and Lansing Lions softball team renewed their rivalry on Tuesday with a doubleheader at Sportsfield in Leavenworth. Lansing jumped out first and early in a 12-2 win over Leavenworth.

The Lions started the game with two runs in the first inning before adding six more runs to take an 8-0 lead after two innings of play. Leavenworth got on the board when Abby Kowalewski and Gwyn Gebert scored for the Pioneers to cut the deficit to 8-2.

Lansing added four runs in the fifth, including a home run by Caroline Crawford to take a 12-2 lead. The Lions would hold on and take the first game 12-2. Bradi Basler snagged the win for Lansing with five innings pitched allowing three hits, two runs and eight strikeouts. McKenzie Brown took the loss for the Pioneers throwing five innings with 10 hits, 12 runs and four strikeouts. Riley Phillips, Shannon Jessup, Crawford and Basler all had two runs in the game for Lansing. Jessica Gray, Chaise Miller, Brooke Gilfert and Lindsay Schuler each had one run. Hebert and Kowalewski each led Leavenworth with a run.

Lions head coach Rachel Milnark said she felt like the team played solid in the win.

“I feel like the girls played solid all around,” Milnark said. “I felt like up at the plate they did good and they didn’t let the uncontrollable take control of them and to keep pushing through the game... Everyone went up to bat with fire in their bellies.”

She said the team built confidence in the game that they can take moving forward.

Leavenworth coach Callie Farrell said the Pioneers are still trying to figure out how to start games.

“I think that our biggest hurdle right now is inning one,” Farrell said. “We are trying to get them in the mindset of attacking early so we don’t have this hole to dig out of. That’s the biggest thing we have to overcome to be more successful and to be better.”

Farrell said the staff teaches the team to focus on what to capitalize from the first game and forget about the final score in doubleheaders and focus on the second game regardless of the first game’s outcome.

Lansing took game two 15-0.