The Leavenworth Riptides and Lansing Sea Lions continued their season this past Friday with the second week of the Eastern Kansas Swim League.

The Riptides traveled to Eudora to face the Barracudas. 

Riptides coach Conner Debban said the team stepped up Friday despite the weather.

“Despite the extreme cold and rain,” Debban said, “our swimmers really stepped up and gave 110%. We had several team members who were on vacation this week. But the remaining kids really pushed to the wall in each event and almost every swimmer came away with a ribbon.”

The coach also mentioned how the relay teams worked together on their strokes and increased speed. Debban also credited the work of the coaching staff and parents.

“Our coaching staff has done a tremendous job at working with the swimmers,” he said. “And we’re seeing the payoff when it comes to the meets. Sheldi Banker and Julie Cosby have stepped up to help our younger swimmers and they have made a huge difference in getting our kids ready to tackle some of the tougher strokes. Hailey Sundblom and Darby Mance are working with our 12- and 14-year-olds. These kids are on fire right now. We’re really lucky to have a talented group of people willing to help shape our swimmers. We’re thankful for all the parents who braved the weather and helped at the meet. We couldn’t do it without them.”

Multiple swimmers for the Riptides found themselves in first Friday.

Braden Trask won the 6-under boys’ free and back. Desmond Viegas was the winner of the 8-under boys’ free and back. Kendell Trask was the winner in the 10-under girls’ free. Christian Skaggs took first in the 14-under boys’ free, back and butterfly. Joseph Hernandez won in the 18-under boys’ free and breast.

Saria Lewis won in the 8-under girls’ back. Logan Finn was the winner in 10-under boys’ back. In the 12-under girls’ back, Audrey Hommertzheim won. Hommertzheim also won in the 12-under girls’ butterfly. Kent Tomson was the winner of the 18-under boys’ back.

Brielle Cosby was the winner of the 10-under girls’ fly. Asher Garner took first in the 18-under boys’ fly. Breanna Banker won in the 8-under girls’ breaststroke and individual medley. Langston Baptista was first in the 12-under boys’ breast. Gabe Darnley was the winner of the 14-under boys’ breast.

The 14-under boys’ free relay team of Trey Baptista, Langston Baptista, Darnley and Skaggs took first.

The 10-under girls’ relay team won (Ashlin Patzwald, Trask, Cosby and Ava Foster). The 18-under medley relay team of Tomson, Garner, Hernandez and Olivia Pratt won.

The Riptides will return home Friday to host Piper before traveling to Lansing the following week. Both meets will start at 7:30 a.m.



The Lansing Sea Lions defeated the Tonganoxie Tidal Waves 690-619. 

Head coach David Bresser said it was a “good meet between two evenly matched teams of similar size.”

He also said this was the first time that the team won over Tonganoxie in their history. 

Like the Riptides’ meet, the Sea Lions had to deal with weather Friday.

“It was a miserable morning to have an outdoor swim meet with the cold early morning temps, some chilly pool water and the steady rain throughout the morning,” Bresser said. “However, we didn’t have thunder or lightning so we could continue with the meet. The sun started to emerge just as we were cleaning up. Our swimmers showed so much courage and strength on Friday working through some tough conditions especially our really young ones. 

“I also enjoyed seeing our coaches and older age group swimmers behind the lanes encouraging our swimmers to keep swimming. There were many times I saw swimmers who didn’t want to get in the water but every one of them completed their events with support from our high school swimmers.”

Bresser said the team started the meet strong by outscoring the Tidal Waves in all relays but one and winning 33 of 34 individual meets. 

He said the 100 individual medley had to be scrapped due to the large size of the teams and weather.

“We were going to try some new swimmers in that event,” he said. “And I was eager to see them swim it. They will get another chance this week when we travel to De Soto.”

Bresser praised the support from parents and other volunteers. One of the volunteers, Amy Crumpacker, also wanted to thank the other volunteers at the meet.

“I also want to thank all of our volunteers again,” Crumpacker said. “It took patience to get through that day and they did it with style and grace. I was blown away by the support that all of the Sea Lions’ families showed each other.”

Bresser said Crumpacker was a volunteer who helped start the team four years ago and continues to contribute to the team’s success. 

Bresser pointed out numerous highlights from the meet. 

Bristyn Peter won both her individual events in the 5-under girls’ division. Jacob Lund took first and second in his two 6-under boys’ events. 

Addyson Agnew was a double-event winner in 8-under girls. Taelynn Peter was first and third in her 8-under girls’ events. Caleb Mills was a triple winner in his events. Kayla Kopp and Isaiah Vega were the only event winners in their two age groups. Bresser said Mikaela Hayes won her events by huge margins. Noah Mills, Antonio DePaulis, Skylar Yoder and Abigail Brown swept their events in their age groups. Greyson Walker and Kade Imhoff each won two events to sweep their age group. Kailyn Cline picked up two wins and Alexis Buchholz had a win in her age group.  

He said the team still has work to do before the final two weeks of the season. He said the coaches will work with swimmers to improve technique and reduce disqualifications. 

The Sea Lions travel to De Soto on Friday before hosting Leavenworth. Bresser said the Sea Lions are thrilled to host the Riptides for the first time on June 28. Both meets will start at 7:30 a.m.