New this summer in Kansas high school sports is the summer moratorium.

From July 1-7, Kansas State High School Activities Association member schools may not have school-related athletic activities. 

During this period, coaches are prohibited from engaging in any activity involving student athletes whether it be practice, training, weightlifting, conditioning, competition or travel. All athletic facilities are closed during this time to school personnel and students grades 7-12. Facilities that also serve as non-school community recreation facilities can remain open as long as no school teams are playing or school coaches are coaching the teams or individuals.

Athletes can attend camps and competitions during the week, but cannot do so with school coaches. This moratorium does not impact fine arts or spirit activities sponsored by KSHSAA.

According to the KSHSAA, the rationale behind this comes from a “growing concern” that students and coaches were not able to have time to themselves during the summer. The moratorium was surveyed and discussed at the October Regional Board of Directors meeting in 2017 and voted on in the April 2018 KSHSAA Board of Directors’ meeting to establish the rule.