Of all the crazy stats involved with the Kansas City Chiefs this season, my favorite one is the rare stretch to start the season where they have faced an undefeated team in four straight weeks. 

To recap, the Chiefs opened the season defeating the then-undefeated Jacksonville Jaguars, dropped the then 1-0 Oakland Raiders in Week 2 and did the same to the 2-0 Baltimore Ravens in Week 3. Going into Week 4, the Chiefs will face their fourth straight undefeated team on the road against the Detroit Lions. At 2-0-1, the Lions are coming off an impressive win in Philadelphia against the banged-up Eagles and have made many forget how they squandered a sizable lead to the Arizona Cardinals in Week 1 to be in the tie column in the first place. They made a gutsy comeback against the Los Angeles Chargers in Week 2 as well further proving they might as well be 3-0 when it comes to evaluating what the Chiefs will be dealing with Sunday. 

This is a scary game for the Chiefs, who have made easy work of their opponents by grabbing large leads incredibly fast because this Lions team has a quarterback that can make throws and a running back dying to breakout. Matthew Stafford is a veteran gunslinger and when given the opportunity can expose defenses with good throws. Kerryon Johnson has had zero luck breaking through in the run game but of all the Chiefs’ units, the run defense is by far the least impressive. Allowing more than six yards a carry is concerning and unless they are willing to put eight guys in the box consistently, it’s hard to not see Johnson having a big game. If Stafford is able to pick apart the secondary to find receivers, Johnson will get the benefit of facing less-stack boxes to move the ball on the ground. 

Trey Flowers and Damon “Snacks” Harrison Sr. can be a matchup nightmare for the Chiefs banged-up offensive line. Detroit’s secondary has the pieces in Darius Slay and Justin Coleman to maintain coverage on the Chiefs’ receivers when Patrick Mahomes extends the play. 

Speaking of Mahomes, I’m not sure what to say about him anymore, other than he is amazing. It is becoming difficult to say anything other than that. There is no point in sugar-coating it anymore, he’s just great and unless something drastically changes – which I am not counting on – that opinion will not change a whole lot. 

Detroit is the toughest team the Chiefs have faced this season. Any time you are playing a team that has not lost yet in Week 4, it is your toughest game yet. The Lions haven’t lost and barring a flash-in-the-pan moment from Kyler Murray, they would be 3-0 so that’s how we need to think of them. 

Sportsbooks have the Chiefs winning by 6.5 points and I see no reason why they can’t win by a touchdown. The trend of the last few weeks for the Chiefs has been starting games dreadfully slow, only to score four quarters worth of points in 10 minutes. It is still outstanding to think the Chiefs have scored at least 26 points in every single one of Mahomes’ starts. I do not see that ending this week or any time soon so securing this win will likely rest on the shoulders of the defense. 


Chiefs win 34-27, but I also want to mention this feels like the week Tyrann Mathieu gets his hands on a pass and secures it for his first interception as a Chief. “The Honey Badger” had a ball in his hands last week but was thinking about the six points before bringing it in. 

Jason Brown is the Sports Editor of the Leavenworth Times. Contact him at jbrown@leavenworthtimes.com