City awarded $1 million for street project

John Richmeier

The city of Leavenworth has been awarded $1 million in funding from the Kansas Department of Transportation to replace pavement on Fourth Street in the downtown area.

This project was one of 36 recently announced by the Kansas Department of Transportation as part of the City Connecting Link Improvement Program.

CCLIP provides funding for improvements to state highways that extend through cities, according to a news release from KDOT.

Fourth Street in Leavenworth is designated as part of Kansas 7 Highway.

The city has been awarded $1 million for pavement restoration for the state’s 2023 fiscal year.

“It’s a huge win for the city,” Leavenworth City Manager Paul Kramer said.

He said the project will provide the opportunity to improve the roadway as well as pedestrian access and water drainage for the area.

“The storm sewers would be part of it,” he said. “That’s a lot of the infrastructure under Fourth Street.”

He said the project would involve a reconstruction of the street.

Kramer said the project will begin at Fourth and Choctaw streets and extend north. The northern boundary for the project has not been determined.

The city is required to provide at least a 15% match in funding for the project. Kramer said there will have to be a determination about how much additional funding city officials wish to allocate for the project.

He said the design work for the project could begin as early as 2022. The construction likely will take place in 2023.

Kramer said city officials have applied to the state in the past for grants for improvements for the downtown stretch of Fourth Street.

He said city officials were pleasantly surprised by the recent announcement from KDOT.

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