Lovingworth passports arrive in mail

John Richmeier

Leavenworth residents may have recently received a Lovingworth passport in their mail.

The booklet can be used for a month-long program that encourages people to visit local businesses. Participants who successfully complete the passport program can receive free Lovingworth merchandise.

Lovingworth is a series of community activities that is taking the place of Camp Leavenworth this year.

Camp Leavenworth began last year as a city-sponsored festival. City officials had planned to continue the festival this year. But the event was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This is just a nice thing to do in lieu of that,” Assistant City Manager Taylour Tedder said of Lovingworth.

Tedder said Lovingworth is designed to bring the community together and support businesses that have been hit hard as a result of the pandemic.

Some of the Lovingworth activities are scheduled for specific days during the month of September. But the passport program will last during the entire month.

People can partake in the program by taking the passports they received in the mail to participating local businesses.

Residents can have their passports stamped as they visit these businesses. No purchase is necessary during the visits.

There are more than 30 businesses that are participating in the program. They are listed in the passport. The passport also lists discounts and other promotions being offered by some of the participating businesses.

Individuals who visit at least 15 of the participating businesses can turn in their passports in exchange for a Lovingworth merchandise item.

Tedder said information about how people can claim the merchandise at Leavenworth City Hall will be released later.

Tedder said passports were mailed to homes throughout Leavenworth including Fort Leavenworth.

“We’ll have extras here at Leavenworth City Hall,” he said.

The booklets provide information about the other events that are planned as part of Lovingworth.

As part of Lovingworth, activities are supposed to be set up along the walkway in Landing Park for people to partake in as they visit the park.

Tedder said organizers had planned to set up these activities Monday in the park. But the work had to be postponed because of rain.

“So they’re going to reschedule that sometime this week,” he said.

Tedder said city officials are planning to resume the Camp Leavenworth festival next year.

“We’re planning to bring Camp Leavenworth back next year if everything permits that to happen,” he said.

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