Lansing Citywide Garage Sale begins today

John Richmeier

While many community events have been canceled this year, the city of Lansing has moved forward with a Citywide Garage Sale that begins today.

Lansing’s eighth annual Fall Citywide Garage Sale will take place today and Saturday.

The Citywide Garage Sale is actually a collection of garage sales that are taking place at homes throughout Lansing.

Residents who wanted to participate in the Citywide Garage Sale were given the opportunity to register for the event. The homes of the participants who signed up by the deadline are marked on a map produced by the city.

“There’s a map out now,” said Ken Miller, public information officer for the city.

Maps are available at Lansing City Hall, Lansing Community Library and the Lansing Public Works Department.

An interactive version of the map also can be found on the city’s website,, and on the Lansing, Kansas Happenings Facebook page, @lkshappenings.

The interactive map lists the type of items being sold at many of the participating locations.

Miller said there are about 80 participants in the Citywide Garage Sale. Some are participating only on Friday or Saturday while others will be selling items both days.

There are no specific hours for the Citywide Garage Sale. Hours may vary from one location to the next.

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