Officers mow lawn for distressed resident

John Richmeier
Sgt. Sean Swisshelm mows the lawn of a Leavenworth resident who is suffering mental health issues.

Mowing lawns can be added to the duties performed by members of the Leavenworth Police Department.

On Thursday, two sergeants with the Police Department mowed the lawn of someone who was suffering from mental health issues, Chief Pat Kitchens said.

One of the things that seemed to be distressing the person was a broken lawnmower.

Kitchens said Sgt. Sean Swisshelm used his own lawnmower to mow a portion of the person's lawn. Sgt. Wendy Cook mowed the remaining portion.

Kitchens said police officers frequently deal with people who are having mental health challenges.

"Sometimes you have to think outside the box," Kitchens said.

And he said this is what Swisshelm did on Thursday.

The police chief posted pictures of Swisshelm mowing the lawn on the Leavenworth Police Department's Facebook page.

"If (you) know someone having issues or are having issues yourself please reach out," Kitchens wrote on Facebook.

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