Lansing chief comments on video

John Richmeier

The Lansing police chief is condemning an internet video with what he said are “absolutely horrible” comments made by a Lansing teen. But the chief is asking people in the community not to retaliate.

Chief Steve Wayman said he understands why people are angry about the video.

“It’s offensive,” he said. “It’s racist.”

In the video, a teenager from Lansing makes derogatory comments about African Americans, Wayman said.

The chief does not believe the comments made in the video can result in a criminal charge. Wayman said the teen did not make a direct threat to an individual.

He said a person watching the video may believe the teen, who is under age, was drinking alcohol. But this is not something that can result in a local charge.

Wayman said the video apparently was made outside of Leavenworth County.

Wayman commented on the video Tuesday on the Lansing Police Department’s Facebook page.

“I am angry, upset, and shocked at the content, just like everyone else who has seen the post,” Wayman wrote on Facebook. “But I am pleading with everyone, please do not take this matter into your own hands. This young man will have these comments follow him for (a) very long time. Please don’t allow his poor decision make you, or someone you know, make a bad decision in retaliation.”

Wayman said Thursday in a telephone interview that the teen has apologized.

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