Dogs in custody of Animal Control

Staff Writer
The Leavenworth Times

Dogs that sparked phone calls last month to the Leavenworth Police Department are now in the custody of Animal Control, a police official said.

Leavenworth Deputy Police Chief Dan Nicodemus said the eight dogs have been removed from a home on Kiowa Street. He said authorities have initiated an animal cruelty case in Leavenworth Municipal Court. He said the cruelty allegation is based on the living conditions of the dogs at the residence.

Nicodemus acknowledged last month that the Police Department received calls from people who were concerned about the dogs.

Some people were concerned that no one was providing food or water for the dogs. But Nicodemus said police believe the dogs were provided food and water. He said the animal cruelty allegation involves other issues.

There also were complaints about an odor coming from the residence where the dogs were housed. Nicodemus said the odor may have been the result of animal feces and urine.