Despite earlier glitches, police hope to live-stream training

John Richmeier

A recent attempt to live-stream Leavenworth Police Department training met with some technical difficulties. But Police Chief Pat Kitchens said he hopes to try it again in the future.

“We’ve been contemplating making some of our training available for the public,” he said.

On June 26, Police Department officials attempted to live-stream training regarding implicit bias on the department’s Facebook page.

But technical problems prevented portions of the training, which featured an outside instructor, from being live-streamed to the public.

“We were disappointed because we had some technical issues,” Kitchens said.

The training took place in the basement of the Justice Center, which Kitchens said has thick concrete walls. He said this caused some reception problems.

Kitchens said he believes there is value in letting the public see the training provided to Leavenworth police officers. He said the training can give insight into how hard officers work to provide public safety.

Kitchens does not know when the Police Department will again attempt to live-stream a training session.

He said there may be some training topics that will not be live-streamed because of security concerns. But he said there are other topics, such as de-escalation training, that would be appropriate.

The Leavenworth Police Department will host the first of two public forums focusing on the use of force next week.

The first forum is scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday at the Riverfront Community Center, 123 S. Esplanade St.

Kitchens said Police Department officials do not plan to live-stream this event. But it will be recorded for later broadcast on cable channel 2 in Leavenworth. The cable channel is a government access channel managed by the city government.

A second public forum is planned for 9 a.m. Aug. 8 at McGilley Field House at the University of Saint Mary, 4100 S. Fourth St.

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