Three Democrats running in 41st District

John Richmeier
Mike Griswold

Three Democrats are vying for the 41st District seat in the Kansas House of Representatives.

Mike Griswold, Whitney Davis Moulden and Donald Terrien are facing each other in Tuesday’s primary election.

The winner of the Democratic primary will face Republican Pat Proctor in the November general election.

The 41st District includes much of the city of Leavenworth. The district is currently represented by Jeff Pittman. But Pittman is running for the Kansas Senate this year instead of reelection to the Kansas House of Representatives.

This is the fourth installment in a series that profiles candidates who are running in contested primaries in Leavenworth County. Candidates responded to questions submitted by the Leavenworth Times.

Mike Griswold

Age: 68

Political experience: Elected to Leavenworth City Commission in November 2017. Served as city commissioner, 2018, and mayor pro-tem in 2019. Serving as Leavenworth mayor in 2020. Co-chairman of Leavenworth County Mental Health Task Force in 2019.

Whitney Davis Moulden

Age: 52 (53 at the time of general election)

Political experience: I have worked on campaigns for family and friends. I do not have any personal experience in running for office.

Donald TerrienAge: 45

Political experience: Information not provided

1. Why are you running for the Kansas House of Representatives?

Griswold: I care deeply about Leavenworth and want to take my skill set and experience to Topeka to serve our community, and fight for issues that improve the quality of life of all citizens.

Moulden: I can be the agent of change that Kansas requires as witness to the current struggles of our citizens in need of mental health care, education and criminal justice reform.

Terrien: Not everyone can be president. Or should I say the legislation we have gotten over the past 20 years.

2. What are the most important issues facing the state government?

Griswold: Ensuring access to affordable health care, fully funding public schools, budget stabilization and reducing or eliminating groceries sales tax, and investing in roads and bridges, with focus on securing funds for a new Centennial Bridge.

Moulden: 1. The effects of the pandemic have added an unforeseen burden to our state resources. 2. A shrinking population due to a lack of employment opportunities. 3. The expansion of Medicaid within manageable boundaries.

Terrien: Government discrimination. Government segregation. How shift workers are (taken advantage of) on a daily basis.

3. Why are you the most qualified candidate for the position?

Griswold: Skill set, built over four decades, in leadership, problem-solving and program management. Public service began 2009 when appointed president of the Fort Leavenworth Board of Education, and continues to this day as city commissioner and Leavenworth mayor.

Moulden: My work as an advocate for the underserved people of our state has empowered me with the strength of a modern pioneer, a passionate voice for the people and as an innovator with a stronger vision for the future of Kansas.

Terrien: A common man for a common cause.

Whitney Davis Moulden