City adopts compliance program for fire alarm inspections

John Richmeier

The city of Leavenworth has entered into an agreement for a service that is designed to help with keeping inspections of fire safety systems up to date.

Leavenworth Fire Chief Gary Birch said there are commercial buildings in the city that are required by code to have fire alarms or other fire safety systems.

“They’re also supposed to have those things inspected,” he said.

The city recently entered into an agreement with an Illinois company named Brycer, which will provide a service known as The Compliance Engine.

Birch said the company will develop a database of buildings in the city with the fire safety systems and keep track of when inspections are supposed to take place.

He said the company will rely at least in part on information from professionals who perform inspections and maintenance on fire safety systems in the area.

“They’re familiar with The Compliance Engine because other cities already have adopted it,” Birch said.

He said the company will send notices on behalf of the city to landlords or other responsible parties about 30 days before inspections are due to occur.

“They will send a letter out with our letterhead,” Birch said.

If the company does not receive word from a professional that an inspection has been performed, the company will send out an additional notice 45 days after the inspection was due.

If there are delinquency problems with inspections, the city’s fire marshal may visit the responsibility parties to see if there are issues he can help resolve.

“This is something that already is supposed to be going on anyway,” Birch said of the inspections. “But a lot of things fall through the cracks.”

He said The Compliance Engine is a tool that can help.

Birch said the city will not be charged for the service. He said Brycer charges a fee to the professionals who perform inspections.

Despite the fees, people who perform inspections participate in The Compliance Engine program because it tends to increase business for them, Birch said.

“They get more business out of it,” he said. “That’s kind of what the perk is for them.”

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