Space Command response could come later this year

John Richmeier

A local economic development official anticipates Leavenworth officials may hear something in the next couple of months regarding the federal government’s search for a headquarters for the U.S. Space Command.

Leavenworth is one of four Kansas cities to respond to a request for information as part of the national search.

Steve Jack, executive director of the Leavenworth County Development Corporation, said it may not be long before the city receives a response regarding the next phase in the search process.

The headquarters for the new U.S. Space Force will be at the Pentagon. But there is a search for a different headquarters location for the U.S. Space Command, which is a joint service combatant command, according to information that has been released by the Air Force.

The U.S. Space Command headquarters will have about 1,400 military and civilian personnel.

For now, the information the city of Leavenworth submitted as part of the search process will remain confidential.

Jack said the information is not being released to the public because the search process is a competition.

“Right now all of that stuff is in Washington,” he said.

He said information generally is kept confidential when local communities are dealing with potential business developers from the private sector.

The Leavenworth County Development Corporation typically refers to prospective business development projects by code names.

Project Stargaze was used as a code name for the U.S. Space Command headquarters search.

“There is a code name but everybody knows what it is,” Jack said of the project.

Jack said the chief legal counsel for the Kansas Department of Commerce has advised that the information submitted by Leavenworth is not required to be released under the Kansas Open Records Act.

But Jack said people involved in the project have been advised the information will be made public at some point in the process.

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