Chief: Yard sign thefts not uncommon

John Richmeier

The Leavenworth Police Department has received a few reports of theft of political yard signs. But the police chief said this is not unusual during an election season.

Leavenworth Police Chief Pat Kitchens said the department has received three recent reports of sign thefts. All of the signs were said to be campaign signs for President Donald Trump.

Every election season, one or two candidates or their supporters complain about the theft of their signs.

Kitchens said the thefts are generally carried out by mischievous juveniles or supporters of particular candidates.

“People are welcome to file a police report,” he said.

He said it may be difficult for police to investigate the thefts without leads to follow.

He said video footage from security systems such as Ring can be helpful.

The chief said local veteran candidates understand this type of theft happens occasionally and often elect not to file police reports.

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