Police chief urges caution on Halloween

John Richmeier

With Halloween coming up on Saturday, the Leavenworth police chief is asking motorists to be cautious.

And Chief Pat Kitchens is asking everyone to be cognizant of COVID-19 precautions.

“We have that added element this year,” he said.

Kitchens also is encouraging parents to have their children dress in bright-colored costumes. If costumes are dark, he recommends the addition of elements, such as glow sticks, that will make it easier for children to be seen.

Kitchens said police officials always encourage drivers to pay attention. But this is particularly important on Halloween.

“We encourage drivers to be particularly alert especially in residential areas, dark areas,” he said.

He said parents should take a quick look at their children’s Halloween candy before the children eat it.

If a parent is for some reason concerned about a piece of candy, it should be discarded. Kitchens said parents also can contact the Police Department to have an officer take a look at their children’s candy.

“Call us if you need us,” he said.

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