Police: One ticket issued for mask ordinance

John Richmeier

Leavenworth’s mask ordinance has been in effect for more than a week.

And as of Monday morning, the Leavenworth Police Department has issued one ticket for a violation of the ordinance.

Maj. Dan Nicodemus, deputy chief of the Leavenworth Police Department, said the citation was issued Nov. 25. The Police Department received a complaint about a man who was not wearing a mask at the Price Chopper store in Leavenworth.

Nicodemus said police asked the man to voluntarily comply with the mask order. The man allegedly refused, and the citation was issued.

The ordinance, which requires people to wear masks in public spaces, went into effect Nov. 21 after it was approved a couple of days earlier during a special meeting of the Leavenworth City Commission.

According to the ordinance, a person’s first conviction for violating the order can result in a $5 fine. A second conviction can result in a $10 fine. Each subsequent conviction can result in a $20 fine.

A similar ordinance went into effect Nov. 27 in Lansing. Lt. Michael Dickason of the Lansing Police Department said Monday that he does not know of any tickets being issued for a violation of that city’s mask ordinance.

While mask ordinances are in place in the cities of Leavenworth and Lansing, there is not a mask order for all of Leavenworth County.

County commissioners have opted out of mask orders issued by Gov. Laura Kelly.

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