Abandoned dog from Leavenworth featured in TV series

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times
Pepsi, who was found abandoned in Leavenworth, is now a cast member of the series “Titans.”

A year ago, a Leavenworth Animal Control officer found an abandoned dog on a wood pile in the snow.

Now named Pepsi, the dog is a cast member of a television series.

Pepsi is one of three dogs to play the role of Krypto the Superdog in “Titans,” a series that will now be featured on the HBO Max streaming service.

“It’s a really big show,” said Melissa Millett, the dog’s owner.

Pepsi is a male Labrador mix and about 1.5 years old.

According to Leavenworth Police Chief Pat Kitchens, the dog was found by a Leavenworth Animal Control officer in January 2020.

The dog was taken to the Animal Control shelter. Members of the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society arranged for the dog to be rescued by Luck 13 Rescue in Kansas City, Missouri.

Millett, who trains animals for film and television, was looking for a dog that could be used for the character of Krypto.

She said other people’s pets were trained and used for the first two seasons of the show, but she wanted to find a dog for the series that could live with her and be trained year-round. She ended up adopting Pepsi.

“We scoured Petfinder,” said Millett, who lives in Canada.

Petfinder is a pet adoption website.

Millett said Pepsi looks like the comic book character that served as the basis for the canine character from the “Titans” series. The character Krypto comes from the Superman comic book universe.

Pepsi was given his name after he was adopted.

“All of my dogs are named after food,” Millett said.

After the dog was adopted, it was discovered he needed treatment for heartworm disease.

Millett said the “Titans” series is filmed in the Toronto, Canada, area.

She said Pepsi has participated in a couple of episodes for the third season of the series.

Millett said she initially thought Pepsi would not be ready in time for the third season and have to wait until the fourth season to make his debut. But filming of the third season was delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pepsi and two other dogs are used for the role of Krypto.

“They look identical,” Millett said.

If one dog becomes tired during filming, another one will take over, she said.

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