Commission approves salaries for elected officials

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

As part of their annual organization meeting last week, Leavenworth county commissioners approved salaries for the county’s elected officials including their own salaries.

Commissioners approve the salaries each year.

“This is a statutory obligation of the Board of County Commissioners to approve the elected officials’ salaries,” County Clerk Janet Klasinski said.

While the resolution for the 2021 salaries was approved last week, Klasinski said amounts for the salaries were established as part of the budgeting process last year.

She said a resolution that was prepared for last week’s meeting reflected a 3.8% increase. She said each county employee also is receiving a 3.8% increase.

The 2021 salary for each of the five county commissioners is $44,625.

The salary for Leavenworth County Sheriff Andy Dedeke is $117,433.

The salary for County Attorney Todd Thompson is $113,643.

The salary for the Register of Deeds TerriLois Mashburn is $86,264. The resolution prepared for last week’s meeting had listed the salary for the register of deeds as $91,064. But Mashburn requested a $4,800 reduction, which was approved by commissioners.

Klasinski and County Treasurer Janice Van Parys each are being paid a salary of $91,064. They each also receive a stipend of $11,711, according to Klasinski.

The additional funding is provided to the treasurer under state law as compensation for administering motor vehicle titling and registration laws. The sum is calculated based on vehicle registrations.

The county pays Klasinski a matching amount for her service as the county’s chief election officer.

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