Undersheriff urges drivers to use caution

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

The Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office is urging people to use caution while driving on roads that continue to be slick.

“The area weather is not going to improve in the coming days,” Sherley said in a news release. “The extreme cold and wet conditions are a producing a refreezing on the roadways that while the blacktop or asphalt is visible is still very slick. Drivers are cautioned to slow down, leave an ample reactionary gap between vehicles and exercise caution while driving.”

Sherley also encourages drivers to leave early for their destinations and dress appropriately for the bitterly cold conditions. He also urges people to wear their seat belts and not text while driving.

Sherley said it also is important for people to have ice scrapers and brushes handy to clear their windshields and other car windows.

“All too often people only partially scrape windows and severely limit their field of view,” he said in the news release.

Sherley also encourages drivers to make sure their cell phones are charged in case they have to call for assistance. He recommends people have ample fuel in their gas tanks in case they have to wait a long time in their vehicles.

The National Weather Service is predicting bitterly cold temperatures will continue into next week.

Sherley said extremely cold temperatures also result in an increase in the number of requests for the Sheriff’s Office to check on animals that are left outside.

When providing shelter for animals, Sherley said it is important to make sure they have water that will not freeze.