No rolling blackouts initiated Wednesday

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

The power company Evergy did not initiate rolling blackouts Wednesday. And the Southwest Power Pool downgraded its emergency status.

Southwest Power Pool coordinates the regional transmission grid and wholesale energy markets for multiple states across the central United States including Kansas.

On Monday and Tuesday, Evergy, which serves the Leavenworth area, initiated rolling blackouts at the request of SPP.

Evergy officials have said the temporary outages were necessary to avoid larger and longer outages that could have resulted from the strain placed on the regional power supply during an extended period of extremely cold temperatures.

While SPP downgraded the status of the emergency Wednesday, Evergy officials continued to ask customers to conserve energy.

Local school districts canceled classes Wednesday because of weather conditions and the threat of power outages.

A message posted on the Leavenworth school district’s website stated blackouts “would impact our ability to open school safely and without disruption. Unfortunately, the school district would not have advance warning if a power outage were to occur, or how long the duration would be before it would be restored.”

Superintendent Mike Roth said Wednesday afternoon that he believed Leavenworth public schools would have classes Thursday based on the latest updates regarding power outages.

Roth said Leavenworth school buildings have emergency generators that supply power to things such as fire alarms and sprinkler systems but not heating systems.

Remote instruction, which has been used during the COVID-19 pandemic, was not utilized by the school district Wednesday.

Roth said teachers generally work out of the school buildings when providing remote instruction to ensure they have reliable internet service. He said blackouts would have caused interruptions.

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