Busing registration fee proposed for Lansing schools

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

Parents who want their children to be bused to Lansing public schools next year may be charged a registration fee.

Superintendent Dan Wessel reviewed a proposal for a $25 registration fee this week during a meeting of the Lansing Board of Education. Board members took no action on the proposal.

Wessel said the issue will be brought back to board members when they are asked to approve other fees.

Wessel said, during the enrollment process, parents are asked to check a box if they believe their children will need to ride buses to school.

During enrollment for the 2019-2020 school year, the box was checked for 1,774 students. During the first week of school for that year, only 802 students rode buses.

“It is extremely difficult to know who is riding our buses the first day,” Wessel said.

Jim Slapper, transportation services director for the school district, has proposed implementing the $25 fee in hope of receiving a more accurate number of students who will ride buses.

The fee would be charged for each student who is eligible for transportation except for the children of district employees. Students who are eligible for free school meals or meals at a reduced cost also would not be charges a fee.

The fee, if approved, would apply to students who are registered for busing at least seven days before the first day of school. After this deadline, the fee would increase to $35.

Families with multiple children would not be charged more than $100.

School board member Cheryl Runnebaum said she liked the idea of the $25 registration fee. But she expressed concern about charging a family up to $100 for busing registration. She suggested $50 as the possible maximum fee for a family.

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