State of Lansing’s mask ordinance remains unclear

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

It remains unclear at this point what additional actions, if any, Lansing City Council members may have to take to keep a mask order in place through the month of April.

That is according to Ken Miller, public information officer for the city of Lansing.

“It’s kind of a wait and see situation here,” he said.

Council members voted Tuesday to extend a Lansing mask order through April 30.

The order was extended by the passage of a new city ordinance. The ordinance references an executive order issued by Gov. Laura Kelly that called for a statewide mask mandate.

County commissioners opted Leavenworth County out of the governor’s mask mandate, but City Council members are able to implement a mask order for the city of Lansing.

On Wednesday, Kelly signed a state emergency response bill into law. The bill, known as Senate Bill No. 40, revokes executive orders that have been issued by the governor during the COVID-19 pandemic. The orders will be revoked March 31.

Kelly’s office announced in a news release Wednesday that she plans to reissue a number of executive orders April 1 including a mask order.

Lansing City Attorney Gregory Robinson told Lansing City Council members Tuesday that the city may not be able to piggyback on the governor’s existing order after March 31. He said the city’s ordinance would potentially become null and void.

And Mayor Tony McNeill said council members may have to vote on a new ordinance after March 31.

Miller said Thursday that city officials will need to wait and see how things play out over the next week.

“A lot of things haven’t happened yet even though people have said they will happen,” Miller said.

He noted that members of the Lansing City Council are scheduled to have a meeting April 1 and they would have the opportunity to address the matter during the meeting.

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