Board members consider additional option for Henry Leavenworth traffic

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

After being presented two options earlier this year to help alleviate traffic congestion at Henry Leavenworth Elementary School, school board members now want to consider an additional option, the superintendent said.

Members of the Leavenworth Board of Education discussed the possible options Monday during a special meeting.

Leavenworth Superintendent Mike Roth said district staff members were given homework to study whether a bus lane can be added to the school grounds off of Vilas Street.

Henry Leavenworth Elementary School is located off of 20th Street between Vilas and Limit streets.

In January, board members were presented two other options that involved the construction of a traffic lane off of Limit Street that would connect to the school’s parking lot.

Roth has said the issue that needs to be addressed is the stacking of cars as parents wait to pick up their children.

Currently, parents are asked to stack, or park, their cars on Vilas Street to allow school buses onto the school property first.

“If the buses get delayed, then it messes it up at all of the buildings,” Roth said.

Once the buses are in place, parents are allowed to pull into the property.

Roth said the problem with this process is that the stacking of vehicles on Vilas temporarily limits the space available for the flow of traffic on that street.

“It takes away one lane of traffic,” he said.

He said having a separate bus lane could alleviate the problem.

Roth said district staff will need to determine if adding the bus lane off of Vilas Street is possible from an engineering standpoint and would be permitted under city regulations.

Also Monday, board members discussed inviting the Leavenworth City Commission to have a joint meeting to review the results of a study of erosion along Five-Mile Creek in the area of 10th Avenue Park and Richard Warren Middle School, according to the superintendent.

In January, school board members authorized the study at a cost of $54,899. The following month, city commissioners authorized the city to pay for half of the cost of the study.

“We should get the results sometime in June,” Roth said.

He said school members discussed Monday inviting the City Commission to have a joint meeting once the study has been completed.

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