Lansing adjusts class schedule for remainder of year

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

The Lansing school district will finish the school year by offering in-person instruction five days per week for elementary and intermediate school students.

Middle school and high school students will only have in-person classes four days a week.

This is a plan that was approved Monday by the Lansing Board of Education.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lansing public schools have been offering students the option this year of in-person classes or remote instruction.

Students enrolled in in-person instruction previously attended classes four days a week and everyone had remote instruction each Friday.

But the schedule has changed as a result of a bill that recently was signed into law by the governor.

The law requires school districts to offer a full-time in-person attendance option for students for the remainder of the school year.

Lansing Superintendent Dan Wessel said the law prohibits the school system from having a districtwide remote-only day.

Beginning this week, Lansing Elementary School and Lansing Intermediate School will offer in-person classes five days per week. This means in-person classes will take place this Friday for students in kindergarten through the fifth grade.

However, Lansing Middle School and Lansing High School will continue to not have in-person classes Friday.

Wessel said Fridays will be used for teacher collaboration at the middle school and high school. Teachers at these schools also will be available Fridays to meet with students who are needing assistance.

Students who are signed up for remote instruction can continue their studies remotely.

The last day of classes for the school year also has been moved up by more than one week. The school year is now scheduled to end May 27.

Also Monday, school board members approved a registration fee for parents who sign their children up for busing for the next school year.

Parents will be charged a $25 fee if they register their children at least seven days before the start of the school year. After that, the fee will increase to $35.

The same registration fee will be charged to each family, regardless of the number of children.

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