County discusses Community Corrections boards

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

The director of Leavenworth County Community Corrections has had trouble finding people who want to serve on advisory boards.

Community Corrections Jamie VanHouten spoke with county commissioners Wednesday about vacancies on the juvenile advisory board for Community Corrections as well as the adult advisory board.

Community Corrections operates probation services in the county for juvenile and adult offenders.

Commissioners voted Wednesday to appoint someone to fill a vacancy on the Community Corrections advisory board for juvenile services. But they decided to wait two weeks to fill openings on the advisory board for adult services in order to allow time for additional people to apply.

VanHouten said she has been seeking applicants for both the juvenile and adult advisory boards since about April 20.

“We’ve had to extend it on three different occasions because we have not been getting that many applicants,” she said.

County Administrator Mark Loughry said there are two openings for the adult advisory board.

VanHouten said three people have applied for these vacancies.

Loughry said there was one opening for the juvenile advisory board.

And VanHouten said there was only one applicant for this board.

VanHouten said the juvenile advisory board serves the entire 1st Judicial District and includes representatives from Atchison County in addition to Leavenworth County.

Commission Chairman Mike Smith said he heard other people might apply for the adult advisory board. He suggested waiting to fill the vacancies for this board.

Smith said he was comfortable with appointing the single applicant for the juvenile advisory board to fill that vacancy.

Commissioner Doug Smith said the applicant, Willie Williams, appears to be qualified.

Commissioners unanimously approved the appointment of Williams to the juvenile advisory board.

Commissioners plan to take up appointments for the adult advisory board in two weeks.

Also Wednesday, Commissioner Mike Stieben said the County Commission has not changed zoning in the county except for a County Road 1 corridor.

Stieben said he believes there is some confusion among people in the county.

He said commissioners have adopted a land use plan for the county as part of a comprehensive plan, but this did not result in a zoning change.

“Zoning has not changed in the county,” he said.

In February, commissioners discussed whether to rezone the entire county to match the new comprehensive plan. Mike Smith recommended not taking any action at that time.

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