Crews to sweep loose gravel from streets

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times
A vehicle travels on a section of Miami Street that recently was treated with the granite seal process. Crews will be returning to sweep away loose rock.

People who regularly drive through the northern half of the city of Leavenworth may have recently noticed rocky surfaces on some streets.

The rocks are from a granite seal process used to resurface streets. Public Works Director Brian Faust said crews will be returning to the site of the roadway projects over the next 1.5 months to sweep away loose rock.

Faust said crews will sweep each street four times. He said this will be more sweeps than what has been performed for previous granite seal projects in the city.

He said granite seal is similar to the chip seal process commonly used on rural roads.

The granite seal process uses granite rocks, which he said should produce less dust than the limestone that often is used for chip seal.

This year, the granite seal process has been used on sections of multiple streets in the northern half of the city.

"We completed those," Faust said. "We're just now in the process of started our sweeping."

The granite seal projects are part of what city officials refer to as the annual Pavement Management Program in Leavenworth.

This year's Pavement Management Program is utilizing more than one street resurfacing technique including mill and overlay.

The mill and overlay process involves the removal of a portion of a street's surface and overlaying with new material.

Several mill and overlay projects are planned throughout the city. Faust said these projects will begin next month.

The Pavement Management Program also will utilize a pressure pave technique, which Faust said injects sealant into cracks in the roadway.

This will be the first time the city has used this process. Pressure pave projects may begin next week.

"We'll see how that works," Faust said.

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