Lansing city council moves to take care of delinquent bills

Connie Parish
Special to the Times

Lansing city council members took steps Thursday that should lead to payment of delinquent sewer and trash disposal bills, as well as collecting for weed removal.

Both involved approval of ordinances that will list the delinquent owners in ordinances published in The Times.

Property owners can remove their names by paying off the bills or setting up a payment plan. If they renege on the payment, the bills will be turned over to a collection company.

Council members voted 8-0 on both ordinances. Council member Kerry Brungardt asked finance director Beth Sanford if these measures are effective. She said they were as in past years the city has collected about 98 percent of the sewer and trash disposal bills, and up to 100 percent of the weed assessments.

In other business, council members learned from Public Works Director Mike Spickelmier that there is a hole in a culvert in the Stonecrest subdivision on South Valley Drive. A steel road plate has been installed to stabilize the area that had been rusted out, but public works asked to solicit pricing form the city’s on-call engineering firm in order to design a permanent solution.

Council members also OK’d about $500,000 for design services for the McIntyre interceptor sewer extension.

They also OK’d a rezoning request for 24725 174th Street to allow the construction of three single-family homes.

After a 45-minute executive session concerning non-elected personnel, council members voted 8-0 to add an addendum to the city administrator’s contract for a financial incentive on the basis of his performance. Council members, in their closing remarks, congratulated Administrator Tim Vandall for his work during the past year.

In those closing remarks, Council member Dave Trinkle mentioned a need for volunteers to help restore the Harvey House. Council members also expressed appreciation to city staff for their work on the recent Independence Day celebration, with Council member Marcus Majure describing it as a “five-star success.”