Additional Leavenworth candidates respond to questions

Leavenworth Times

This is the second installment of profiles of primary candidates for the Leavenworth City Commission.

Eleven candidates will face each other in the Aug. 3 primary election. The candidates are running for three at-large positions on the City Commission.

The Leavenworth Times submitted the same questions to all of the candidates. The answers from five of the candidates were published in Thursday's edition. Responses from five additional candidates are presented here.

One candidate, Ted Davis, did not respond to the Times.

The election is non-partisan, which means candidates did not file as representatives of political parties.

Voters in the primary will be asked to vote for three or fewer candidates. The top six vote-getters will advance to the Nov. 2 general election.

Michael L. Lay

No photograph submitted

Age: No information submitted

Occupation: Department of Defense employee

Political experience: No experience

Griff Martin

Griff Martin

Age: 38

Occupation: Business development professional

Political experience: First time

Christopher "Chris" Murphy

Christopher "Chris" Murphy

Age: 55

Occupation: Army civilian professional/retired military/PhD candidate, DSU Information Systems

Political experience: Leavenworth City Commission candidate in 2019, Leavenworth City Planning Commission January 2020-present

Mark Preisinger

Mark Preisinger

Age: 69

Occupation: President of Mark 8 Global Source

Political experience: Leavenworth USD 453 school board 1997-2005; Leavenworth City Commission 2009-present

Jermaine Wilson

Jermaine Wilson

Age: 34

Occupation: No information submitted

Political experience: Elected to the Leavenworth City Commission in 2017

1. Why are you running for the Leavenworth City Commission?

Lay: I feel that the citizens are fed up with the things that are not done by the departments or at least attempting to put things out as far as information and how the tax dollars are being spent. The lack of trying to move forward, restoration instead of demolishing history.

Martin: To protect our individual liberties, partner with our local businesses to drive strong economic growth and raise the quality of life for our families.

Murphy: I want to help the First City become the city it should be; to do that we must have all community voices at the table. I am running to help improve that relationship.

Preisinger: I have the integrity, and the experience to continue contributing to making Leavenworth a better place to live, work, invest and raise a family. This has been my home town for the past 59 years.

Wilson: To unite and improve our community and continue to do be a voice for the citizens in our community. Focusing on building up families and youth in our community.

2. What are the most important issues facing the city government?

Lay: The homeless versus vagrants or is it mental health. The spending of taxpayers' money and continue to take a loss. The lack of northeast and northwest resources to shop and purchase everyday commodities in order to eat and sleep. Transportation connecting to surrounding areas.

Martin: Property taxes, infrastructure, crime, economic growth, small business support and transparency.

Murphy: The city has issues, none of which are easy to solve. Homelessness, mental health, drugs, infrastructure, high taxes, wasteful spending. It is time to reprioritize on the issues, while focusing and building on the positives.

Preisinger: Supporting and improving the infrastructure of the oldest city in Kansas is always a challenge. Enticing more businesses, families and services to become a part of Leavenworth is important to broaden our tax base and offer more to our citizens.

Wilson: Investing in our youth and families. Mental health services, reducing crime and bringing in new businesses into our community.