Woman sentenced for DUI for incident at drive-thru window

Staff report

A Leavenworth woman has been sentenced to six months in jail for her sixth DUI in connection to a 2016 incident that occurred at a fast food restaurant, according to a prosecution official.

Angela Salazar was sentenced Friday in Leavenworth County District Court, according to County Attorney Todd Thompson.

Salazar was convicted of her sixth driving under the influence of alcohol charge in June.

The charge stemmed from a 2016 incident in which Salazar reportedly became involved in an argument with employees at the drive-thru window of the Burger King in Lansing, according to Thompson.

Salazar was at the drive-thru window when Lansing police officers arrived. Employees reportedly had witnessed Salazar driving her vehicle.

Police believed she showed signs of impairment. And she reportedly admitted to drinking alcohol that day, according to Thompson.

Thompson said his office recommended a 12-month sentence, which would have been the maximum possible sentence. But a six-month sentence was imposed.