Spokesman: Social media post not an endorsement by school district

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

A social media post last week involving campaign activity led to complaints to the Leavenworth public school system.

But while the social media post was recorded on school property, it should not be construed as an endorsement by the district for a particular school board candidate, district spokesman Jake Potter said.

"That's not something that anybody sought approval for," he said.

Potter acknowledged school property is public property. And he believes the social media post was recorded on a weekend when students were not present.

But he said the district received complaints from people who were concerned officials with the school system were involved in the social media post and were not being objective.

Potter said administrative officials for the school district are neutral in the race for the Leavenworth school board.

A response to the complaints was posted last week on the school district's Facebook page. The message states "the inclusion of USD 453 logos, photographs/videos from school sites, etc. does not indicate the support or endorsement of any individual candidacy."

The message from the district did not identify the person who created the social media post that resulted in the complaints.

But the response from the school district was created Aug. 23, the same day state Rep. Pat Proctor, R-Leavenworth, posted a video on a Facebook page he maintains. In the video, Proctor endorses Leavenworth school board candidate Chris Eckley.

The video was shot in front of the pioneer statue on the Leavenworth High School campus.

In addition to Eckley, the Leavenworth school board candidates are Ronald S. Grossman, Brian E. Stephens, Vanessa Reid and incumbents Mike Carney, Doug Darling and Alisa Murphy.

The candidates are running for the three at-large positions that are up for election this year. The election will take place Nov. 2.

Proctor also has endorsed Murphy in the race. And the state representative has endorsed candidates in other local races this year including the Lansing Board of Education.

While administrative officials for the Leavenworth public schools remain neutral, they offer to meet with candidates to provide information about how the school district operates and some of the things that are happening in the district, Potter said.

"Not every candidate takes us up on that." he said.

He said the district officials offer this same courtesy to other patrons who may have questions about policies.

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