Police Department number 'spoofed' for scam

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

Leavenworth Police Department officials are warning people about a scam in which scammers make it appear as though they are calling from the Police Department.

"It's not us," Deputy Police Chief Dan Nicodemus said of the calls.

He said scammers are apparently using a practice referred to as spoofing. This causes a non-emergency number of the Leavenworth Police Department to appear on the caller ID displays when scammers contact potential victims.

Nicodemus said the scammers are claiming people's Social Security numbers have been compromised and ask their intended victims for sensitive information.

"There would never be a reason for us to call and ask people for their Social Security number or anything like that," Nicodemus said.

Nicodemus said the Leavenworth Police Department received a couple of reports of the scam Friday. And information about the scam was posted on the Leavenworth Police Department's Facebook page.

The deputy chief said he does not know of any monetary loss that has resulted from the scam.

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