Linwood City Council to fill open position

John Richmeier
The Leavenworth Times

The county clerk has confirmed that members of the Linwood City Council will have to decide who will serve on a council seat that remains unfilled following the Nov. 2 election.

Three at-large positions on the Linwood City Council were up for election this year, but only one person, incumbent incumbent David Denham, filed as a candidate in the race.

Denham was elected to one of the positions in the Nov. 2 election. Staff at the County Clerk's Office looked at write-in votes to determine who was elected to other two City Council positions that were on the ballot.

Dylan Ritter, who received two write-in votes, was elected to one of the positions, according to County Clerk Janet Klasinski.

The county clerk has confirmed that another Linwood resident who received a write-in vote does not want to serve on the City Council.

Klasinski said this means the responsibility of filling the remaining open position will be left to the Linwood City Council.

There were two other people who received write-in votes in the race, but Klasinski said they do not live within the Linwood city limits and cannot serve on the City Council.