Defendant faces murder conspiracy charge

John Richmeier
Jeffery Samulczyk

An additional charge has been filed against a man who was arrested in connection to a Leavenworth homicide.

Jeffery M. Samulczyk, 36, previously was charged with interference with law enforcement for allegedly tampering with evidence in connection to the death of Joshua Gilson. Prosecutors have now added a charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder against Samulczyk.

Gilson, 37, was found dead Oct. 30 at a home in the 800 block of Kiowa Street. His wife, Alexandra, has been charged with first-degree murder in connection to his death. She also faces two counts of interference with law enforcement.

The new charge against Samulczyk was filed Tuesday as part of an amended complaint in the case.

Samulczyk appeared Friday in Leavenworth County District Court. He made his appearance from the Leavenworth County Jail through the online videoconferencing service Zoom.

Zoom is being used for many court proceedings because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Attorney Joseph Osborn had been appointed to represent Samulczyk. But District Judge Gerald Kuckelman said a different lawyer needed to be appointed to the case because of the severity of the new charge.

The judge allowed Osborn to withdraw from the case. Kuckelman said he would appoint defense attorney Clinton Lee to the case.

Kuckelman scheduled Samulczyk’s next court appearance for Nov. 20.

Assistant County Attorney Shawn Boyd said bond for Samulczyk previously was set at $10,000 based on the interference with law enforcement charge. Boyd asked the judge to relook at the bond based on the new charge.

Kuckelman modified Samulczyk’s bond to $100,000.

Samulczyk remains in custody at the Leavenworth County Jail.

Alexandra Gilson, 31, also appeared in court Friday. She also made her appearance from the Leavenworth County Jail through Zoom.

Gilson’s court-appointed attorney, Greg Robinson, said he had not yet visited with his client. Robinson said he also is awaiting evidence through the discovery process.

Alexandra Gilson said she was willing to waive her right to have a preliminary hearing within 14 days.

Kuckelman scheduled a status hearing for Dec. 11.

Bond for Alexandra Gilson has been set at $500,000.

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