Police arrest suspect in weekend shooting

John Richmeier

Police have arrested a man for allegedly shooting at an occupied apartment over the weekend in Leavenworth.

The 28-year-old suspect was arrested Monday. Leavenworth Police Chief Pat Kitchens said authorities believe at least one other person was involved in the shooting.

“We are still actively looking for the second person,” Kitchens said.

The shooting was reported Sunday evening at the Woodland Village Apartments, Limit Street and Wilson Avenue.

Multiple shots were fired at one of the apartments in the complex. A woman was in the apartment at the time, but no injuries were reported, according to Kitchens.

After reviewing security camera footage from the apartment complex, police began looking for a vehicle that was used by the suspects.

Officers located what they believe to be the vehicle at about 10:45 a.m. Monday while responding to an unrelated call. The vehicle was parked in the 600 block of South Broadway.

This ultimately led to the arrest of the 28-year-old suspect. He was arrested later in the day on Monday after he came to the Justice Center, which is the location of the Leavenworth police station.

The man was arrested for allegedly shooting into an occupied dwelling, Kitchens said.

The chief said investigators are still sorting through the possible motivation for the shooting.

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