Lansing school board changes leadership

John Richmeier
John Dalbey Sr.

The Lansing Board of Education has a change in leadership.

John Dalbey Sr. was selected to serve as the president, and fellow board member John Hattok was appointed to the position of vice president.

Approval of the appointments came last week during a reorganization of the board.

In January, board members selected Beth Stevenson to serve as president. At that time, Debbie Deere was chosen to serve as vice president. However, Deere resigned from the board in March, and Dalbey was selected at that time to fill the position of vice president.

Lansing school board members previously selected their officers each July. A change in state law allowed them to change to having the officer selection in January.

However, board members decided to change the date of their officer selection to July a couple of months ago while discussing what was referred to as the board life cycle.

Superintendent Dan Wessel said he believes board members may have wanted to tie the terms of president and vice president to the academic year rather than the calendar year.

Because officers had been elected earlier in the year, Stevenson and Dalbey resigned from the positions of president and vice president during last week’s meeting. This enabled board members to once again vote on who would serve in those positions.

After resigning as president, Stevenson said she wanted to nominate herself and Dalbey to once again serve in the positions of president and vice president.

But board member Cheryl Runnebaum made a motion to appoint Dalbey to the position of president and Hattok to the position of vice president. The motion was seconded by board member Pete Robinson.

The motion was approved 5-2 with Stevenson and board member Michelle McQuillan voting against it.

In January, board members will have to pass a resolution to move the election of officers to July, according to Wessel.

“We kind of had to do an intermediary step here,” he said of last week’s vote.

Dalbey and Hattok were both elected to the Lansing Board of Education in 2017.

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John Hattok