Basehor-Linwood schools to switch to remote learning

John Richmeier

Because of the recent spike in coronavirus cases in the county, the Basehor-Linwood public schools will transition to remote only instruction after Thanksgiving.

Many students in the district had been attending at least some in-person classes. But the district is switching to only remote instruction based on what are known as gating criteria.

The gating criteria, which were previously approved by board members, set thresholds for changing the mode of education for the district based on COVID-19 data for Leavenworth County.

The gating criteria includes the positivity rate for tests in the county, whether cases are rising and the number of cases as calculated per 100,000 people.

Members of the Basehor-Linwood Board of Education had a special meeting Monday evening to discuss the gating criteria.

Superintendent David Howard said numbers released by the Leavenworth County Health Department during the last two weeks places the district in the "red" in terms of gating criteria.

And under the previously approved plan, the district should transition to only remote learning.

"So our plan is to follow the plan," Howard told board members.

He said students already were expecting the change.

"So they know the plan," he said. "Parents know the plan."

Board members took no action during Monday's meeting, which allows the transition to take place as previously approved.

Starting Nov. 30, students will receive only remote instruction for at least two weeks. Howard said the remote instruction could last until the winter break.

Howard said students will still be permitted to have practices for athletics.

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