Fourth Street parking may be eliminated

John Richmeier

Parking spaces along Fourth Street in the area of the Leavenworth County Courthouse soon could go away.

When they met this week, Leavenworth city commissioners had a first consideration of an ordinance that would eliminate the on-street parking on the west side of the courthouse.

Leavenworth Police Chief Pat Kitchens said an existing ordinance prohibits parking on both sides of Fourth Street except for the area adjacent to the courthouse.

“That exception would be removed,” he said.

He said the change is being proposed at the request of the county government.

The change was recommended by a county safety committee.

Kitchens said the recommendation has since been reviewed and approved by the city’s Traffic Safety Committee.

City commissioners reached a consensus to advance the proposed ordinance for future second consideration and a vote.

Tuesday’s meeting marked the first time since March members of the public were allowed to attend a regular meeting of City Commission.

Because of concerns about COVID-19, members of the public have only been able to observe City Commission meetings on the internet or local television.

Last week, commissioners permitted members of the public to attend a special budget meeting, which took place at the Riverfront Community Center.

Tuesday’s meeting took place in the commission’s normal meeting room at Leavenworth City Hall. People who attended the meeting were required to wear face coverings.

While members of the public were allowed into the meeting room, commissioners continued their recent practice of using videoconferencing to conduct their meetings.

Mayor Mike Griswold and Commissioner Mark Preisinger were present at City Hall. But the other commissioners participated from other locations.

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In other business

The Leavenworth City Commission:

• Approved a resolution that calls for the demolition of several houses that have been deemed to be dangerous.

Commissioners also granted 60-day extensions for the owners of a number of other properties to give them time to make repairs. Two-week extensions were granted for two properties in order for documentation to be provided. If the documentation is provided, the property owners will be granted an additional 46 days to address issues.

• Approved an ordinance to make amendments to development regulations.

City Manager Paul Kramer described the changes as clean-up items.