County Clerk: Advance ballot applications legitimate

John Richmeier

Corrected at 2:35 p.m. Sept. 2, 2020, with the correct phone number for the Leavenworth County Clerk's Office.

Some voters in Leavenworth County may have received advance ballot applications in the mail from an out-of-state organization.

County Clerk Janet Klasinski said the applications are valid and can be used to apply for advance ballots for the November general election.

She said the applications, which already had voters’ names printed on them, were sent by an organization called Center for Voter Information.

“These applications are legitimate,” she said.

However, Klasinski said her office mailed advance ballot application forms to registered voters in the county in May. And the County Clerk’s Office received a significant response at that time.

Klasinski said voters do not need to complete new advance ballot applications if they already have applications on file with the County Clerk’s Office.

She said voters can contact the County Clerk’s Office, 913-684-0421, to confirm if they already have applied for advance ballots for the general election.

Klasinski said voters also can check their status using the Kansas secretary of state’s website. But she said it may take time for status information for an advance ballot application to appear on the website.

That is because applications sent to the County Clerk’s Office first have to be processed.

Klasinski said her office could not begin to process the large volume of applications that have been submitted for the general election until after the August primary.

“But we’re working as fast as we can to get those applications in,” she said.

The County Clerk’s Office will begin mailing advance ballots to voters who have applied for them on Oct. 14. And Oct. 27 will be the last day to request an advance ballot.

The election will take place Nov. 3.

Klasinski said some people who have applied for advance ballots may change their mind and wish to vote at polling locations instead. She asks that voters who have changed their minds contact her office as soon as possible so their applications for advance ballots can be canceled.

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